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The PEAK 6 Gap Warman Ride

The PEAK 6 Gap Warman Ride 2013


The Warman Memorial Ride will be back in 2015!  Look for registration here soon.

Peak Races will host the annual Warman Ride in memory of Chet Warman.
Athletes will choose 2 Gap, 4 Gap, or 6 Gap Ride.
Get ready for the ride of your life, The 6 Gap Warman Ride, as told by legendary cyclist Bruce Saxton and as remembered by the late and great Chet “The Jet” Warman.
July 11th, 2015 (date subject to change)
All Races will start at 6:00am.
The Gaps are mountain passes located in Vermont’s Green Mountains just north of the Killington/Pittsfield region and go as far north as the Sugarbush Ski Resort. The Gaps feature long steep climbs and twisting high speed descents. All 6 Gaps either start or end in close proximity along route 100.

WHAT YOU CAN EXPECT:• Approx. 151 miles riding distance and approx 14,000 feet of climbing 
• Six mountain climbs ranging in 1300 to over 1900 feet net elevation gain 
• A waterfall in the Granville Gulf 
• Sustained grades of 20% to 24% on Lincoln Gap. “the longest, steepest stretch of road in America” Chet Warman 
• Paved and some dirt road sections on both the climbs and descents 
• Fantastic scenery, you’ll feel like your in the tour at times 
• Your highest recorded speed if you dare 
• Can throw in the towel after any combination of Gaps and head for the coffee shop 
• A country store at the bottom of every gap, 2 bike shops along the way 
• Cramps
ROUTE – North on VT 100 to VT-73 West.

BRANDON GAP – 600′ TO 2183′
Brandon Gap from the this direction is a great warm up and easiest of the gaps to climb in the direction you are headed. You’ll likely not need your easiest gear. Take off your helmet as Chet did and enjoy the scenery. Brandon Gap bridges the towns of Rochester and Brandon. Once at the top take a quick glance at the views, helmet on and get ready for a fast and twisting descent. Beware of the chicane part way down as you don’t want to end your ride before it really starts. Once you get near the bottom, take your 1st right opposite the country and store passing Lake Dunmore on a nice flat paved and dirt road route on the way to Middlebury Gap.

ROUTE – West on VT-73 to US-7 North. US-7 North and Right turn on Ossie Rd/VT-125 East. VT-125 East to VT-100 North.

MIDDLEBURY GAP – 375′ TO 2144′
Middlebury Gap in the direction may be the next easiest climb begins with a mellow start leading into a moderately steep curving pitch. From there it is nearly 10 miles of long gradual climbs, false flats, short descents and more gradual climbs. You pass through the towns of Ripton and Bread Loaf. Great countryside. Save some for the top though, the last 3/4 mile kicks up passing Middlebury Snow Bowl. The initial descent is a steep 2 miles of pretty good road where speeds in excess of 50 are easy to achieve. From there it is 5+ miles of gradual descending on fresh pavement from this past summer’s storms into Hancock where a country store awaits. Next up is about 20 Miles north to base of Lincoln Gap passing through the Granville Gulf. Beautiful area with a waterfall on your left. Hopefully your fresh for what awaits.
LINCOLN GAP – 626′ TO 2410′
The start of the climb is paved and has a short steep section then mellow for about a mile. There is a great place to stop along the left side of the road at a clearing where you can fuel up, un-zip, remove the helmet and get psyched for Lincoln. There will be a short gravel section before the fun begins. From here the road climbs just over one mile at a ridiculous 20%. Enjoy and sit down for the occasional short section of relief. With a half mile to go, hang on as the climb kicks up to 24% for what seems like forever. Chet thinks fit racer types can manage this climb in a 39×25 gear. Now Chet was fit but his gear of choice was a 34×27 on a 175 crank. In other words, bring the easiest gear you’ve got.

This is the highest point of the ride. It starts down immediately and the initial descent is very steep and twisty with bad pavement to boot. The downhill is not so steep you’ll blow tubes from the heated rims, unless your Chet and were ripped off by the tube mfg but close. A dirt section for a ways before returning to nice pavement and a country store to chill for a moment. You are half way home!

The gap starts out gradually for several miles ending surprising with a short downhill. That was in? Not even close. That was Baby App. This gap is tour like, only shorter. You will be in your easiest gear and just when you see and get to what you think it the top, you’ll realize a short wall of 18% lies in front of you. As if Lincoln wasn’t enough, don’t bother looking at your heart rate monitor if you have one, I can tell you from here it’s pegged. Stop and take in the views. Great photo op too. What a ride thus far.

Be mindful of the descent as it is steep and has sharp sweeping turns. Try not to look at the slopes of Mad River Glen and Sugarbush at this point in time. A nice long gradual descent thereafter into town. Fueling options aplenty.

ROXBURY GAP – 882′ TO 2383″
A few miles out of Warren you’ll be taking a left up and over the next gap. This climb will quickly remind your legs of what they’ve just done. This climb has a long stretch of hard dirt that is in good shape. The descent is looser gravel with lots of breaking bumps so go easy. Another country store before a 25 mile section known as Roxbury Flat. Get behind somebody so you have something for the last climb of the day. Pass through Randolph taking a right on Camp Brook Road and the final climb which is no joke.

Rochester Gap is a deceptively long and my original thought was it can’t be as hard as the more famous named gaps. Like all the others climbs it starts out with several miles of civilized climbing deadening your legs before the steep summit and it is long and steep. At the top there are a few false peaks and some meandering roadway and great views before you head for home and get dropped yet again by “Chet the Jet” on the final descent to the cars. Chet’s descending skills were legendary. He had great confidence and skill. I once saw him pass 2 motorbikes on App Gap. No matter how much of a lead I had going up, he always got it back going down. Phenomenal.

2 Gap
Link to map and cue sheet
58 miles
3,700 feet of elevation gain

4 Gap
Link to map and cue sheet
118 miles
7,300 feet of elevation gain

6 Gap
Link to map and cue sheet
151 miles
10,700 feet of elevation gain