How We Work in Customer Experience

Customer Experience is the only division at Peak that directly communicates with our users so we act as their voice within the company.

User feedback play a key role in improving our products. Therefore, our working principle is to hear and listen to every user.

If our users take the time and effort to get in touch then we need to provide a positive experience each and every time. With tens of millions of users around the world, you can imagine that we have our hands full!

In order to make sure their voice is heard, we have a dedicated team of experts that are only a tap away in our products and social media platforms.

Within the products, users can find our regularly updated FAQs and support without even leaving the app. Our support is comprised of both in-house and outsourced teams that are available 24/7. Because the culture at Peak is so important and is reflected in our messages, we hand select and carefully train our outsourced partners. Our in-house team reinforces this support by ensuring our users are satisfied, evaluating messages, changing processes, and measuring metrics to improve our response timing.

But we don’t stop there, our social media presence offer places for our user community to come together. There is no other place for users to gather around and share their thoughts about the product. News feeds are personal in social media, so we give our fans what they want to see. We keep the posts exciting with contests, news, and tutorials. Content is continually tested, right down to the colors, fonts, and subject matter.

Even with the tests, data and analytics supporting our user engagement processes, we know just one user can impact our future. This is why all communication is unique to each user. Our users are not robots, and they deserve human interaction and we never use automated responses.

We are a team that works closely with all departments in the company to inform and update about current users’ perspectives. If there is an interruption in the app, our duty is to alert the related teams to provide the quickest resolution. Every message is tagged and reported so that we can prioritize the most important features. Because of this relationship, our products stay updated and runs smoothly all the time.

We take pride in answering thousands of user messages every day and providing the most satisfying user experience. We are a small team, and we grow with our users. We are honored to have a community that shares our passion in this journey.